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Wellness & Annuals

Wellness & AnnualsDog and Cat Care

Our practice strives to provide preventive medicine for dogs and cats. This includes annual exams, vaccinations and blood work for your pet, from puppy and kitten status to senior citizenship, to detect any early signs of illness. As they become a senior citizen at eight years of age, we recommend biannual physical exams and individualized testing based on your pet’s needs. We require a heartworm test once a year (to assure your pet is heartworm negative) to dispense heartworm preventive in accordance with the American Heartworm Association guidelines.

Our wellness exam consists of:

Additional tests and services recommended annually include:

Equine Care

Twice a year wellness exams and vaccinations can keep help keep your horse healthy. Annual dental evaluations and blood tests help prevent conditioning and internal disease issues. Regular intestinal parasite/fecal evaluation further help prevent colic and other intestinal issues.

Spring and Fall Wellness Exams:

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