Walden Lake Animal Hospital

Large and small animals

Large and small animalsSometimes large animals require advanced diagnostic tests and treatments, and that’s when we look to our Large Animal Internal Medicine Team. Our team is capable of helping and caring for our horse, cattle and other large animal patients throughout their lives – from neonates to geriatric. Some of the specialized services we offer include endoscopy of the upper respiratory tract, the urinary tract, and the gastrointestinal tract, in addition to radiography (x-rays), blood tests, and ultrasound. We are also able to assess reproductive abilities (repro exams) in both males and females, assist with insemination, calving or foaling, and manage the neonates if there are any problems. Some common large animal internal medicine problems we manage routinely include colic, laminitis and other lameness issues, displaced abomasum, hardware disease, as well as infectious diseases.

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