Walden Lake Animal Hospital

Dental Care

Dental CareWalden Lake Animal Clinic is pleased to offer low stress outpatient dental services for your pet.

Dental Facts:

Walden Lake Animal Clinic strives to make routine dental care easy on your pet and your budget. Our outpatient dental hygiene service is dedicated to prolonging the life of your pet’s teeth.

While serious dental conditions require ultrasonic scaling under general anesthesia, low grade tarter and mild gingivitis may only need a gentle cleaning. Performed by our skilled veterinary dental hygienist using a low impact technique and mild sedation, our routine dental prophylaxis reveals a clean and healthy mouth, keeping harmful dental disease at bay. Best of all, this is a short outpatient procedure.

Walden Lake Animal clinic also is proud to offer the latest in routine dental care for your horses. With the use of sedation and power tools, your horse’s routine dental needs can be accomplished with less stress and excitement.

Your horse’s dental care/needs should be evaluated at least once on an annual basis.

Ask a nurse if our dental hygiene service can help your pet/horse maintain a healthy smile.

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