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The philosophy Walden Lake Animal Clinic is to use all available resources to understand and meet the needs of our patients, clients and team members in a timely and caring manner. We all work together to make the workload move smoothly and efficiently. Every team member contributes to the Walden Lake Animal Clinic team by performing his or her duties with responsibility and sensitivity. It is each team member’s responsibility to define problems, develop solutions and implement these solutions for the betterment of Walden Lake Animal Clinic.

In our service to our clients, we:

In our partnership with team members, we:



All interested applicants must be at least 18 years of age and submit a completed and signed employment application via mail or in person. Candidates may attach a resume or cover letter if desired. Qualified applicants will be contacted via telephone for a telephone interview and/or a working and personal interview. All qualified applicants that are granted a working and personal interview must pass a personality test and cognitive ability test to be further considered.

Please review the job descriptions in their entirety to ensure that Walden Lake Animal Clinic would be a good fit for your career.

Kennel Technician
Veterinary Assistant
Veterinary Technician

Thank You for your interest in a career with our company.

We look forward to meeting you!

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