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Walden Lake Animal Clinic is a full service animal care facility catering to the health needs of large and small animals. Our staff consists of highly trained veterinarians and paraprofessional personnel all working to ensure the most advanced level of medical care available: learn more >

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The third week of April has been designated National Pet ID Week. It is a time to increase awareness of the need to properly identify pets. Below are a few pet identification methods to ensure the safe return of their pets should they become lost:

1. Collars and identification (ID) tags
The tag should include:
Pet's name
Owner's name and address
Telephone numbers

2. Microchip identification system
Microchipping involves implanting a tiny capsule under the pet's skin between the shoulder blades. Surgery IS NOT required for this to occur. Microchips can be used on dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, birds, and other companion pets. The tiny chip is about the size of a grain of rice. The owner then sends the information to a registering agency along with current contact and alternate contact information in the event the pet becomes lost. When a pet is found, any agency with an appropriate scanner, including many animal care and control agencies, veterinary clinics, and research labs, can quickly identify a code that links the animal to its owner through a national database. Call us to find out how you can get get $1000 of pet insurance from microchipping your pet through us.

3. Other recommendations
Stray cat, lost outside
All cats and dogs need to wear collars with city or county licenses where required by law, and up-to-date rabies vaccination tags. Personal ID tags are essential backups. Keep your cats indoors and tagged. Many stray cats that end up at shelters are indoor cats that have slipped past an open door or out of an open window. Keep an up-to-date file with a written description of your pet that includes his size, markings, weight, and unusual features. Keep a current photo on file to use for posters or to take to the animal shelter should your pet become lost.
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