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Walden Lake Animal Clinic is a full service animal care facility catering to the health needs of large and small animals. Our staff consists of highly trained veterinarians and paraprofessional personnel all working to ensure the most advanced level of medical care available: learn more >

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Walden Lake Animal Clinic strives to make routine dental care easy on your pet and your budget. Our outpatient dental hygiene service is dedicated to prolonging the life of your pet’s teeth. Did you know that dental disease is most common in cats and dogs? About 80% of all dogs and cats inquire dental issues around the age of two. If left unchecked, dental disease can lead to tooth root infections. Also, it can make your pets' life very painful. While serious dental conditions require ultrasonic scaling under general anesthesia, low grade tarter and mild gingivitis may only need a gentle cleaning. Performed by our skilled veterinary dental hygienist using a low impact technique and mild sedation, our routine dental prophylaxis reveals a clean and healthy mouth, keeping harmful dental disease at bay. Best of all, this is a short outpatient procedure.

Advanced dental disease can be a factor or cause for many other diseases such as; heart, liver, kidney, prostate and inner ear-vestibular disease. Before you freak out, dental disease is TREATABLE AND PREVENTABLE!

If you are interested in getting your pet a dental please call our office at (813) 745-1834. (3 photos)
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