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Walden Lake Animal Clinic is a full service animal care facility catering to the health needs of large and small animals. Our staff consists of highly trained veterinarians and paraprofessional personnel, all working to insure the most advanced level of medical care available: learn more >

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We would like to take the time to remind everyone that Labor Day Weekend is no time to ignore the hazards of Summer. As with many other holidays, the long Labor day weekend promises to be a busy one at veterinary emergency centers. Keeping your pet safe, though, is easy to do. This year, spend your Labor Day celebrating another great summer - not patching up an injure pet. Here are some helpful hints to keep your pets safe and ensure a Happy Labor Day weekend for EVERYONE. And remember if you think you have a Pet Emergency, call WLAC at (813)754-1834 and we will meet you at the clinic to help you and your pet.

- Prevent an Escape: While nothing tops the Fourth of July when it comes to lost pets (fireworks send many pets fleeing every year), any time you break your routine, you up the risk of a pet escape. Be careful about closing all doors and gates behind you.

- Avoid Food Dangers: Keep an eye on the trash: Leftover fat from meat, juice-soaked strings from roasts, leftover bones and even corn cobs can have your pets at the E.R. in no time flat. Even if your pet gets off easy, your carpets may not be so lucky, since even mild cases of stomach upset can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

- Beat The Heat: Keep your guard up when it comes to keeping your pets cool. No running into the store for "just a few minutes" with the dog in the car, and no heat-of-the-day outdoor exercise, especially for short-nosed or elderly dogs, who can overheat very quickly. Watch for signs of overheating such as: rapid panting and glassy eyes. (2 photos)
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